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hello how are you all
I am really happy today I will discuss about bitcoinspinner , i myself support with the presence of, but i am still confused with the exchange system but for me bitcoinspinner is best according to my own is giving 1800-2000 satoshis every hour, the formula of the distribution is:
total satoshis: total spin balances

ex: 2000 satoshis : 20000 claims= this means each spin worth 0,10 satoshis
2000 satoshis  : 40000 claims= this mean each spin worth 0,05 satoshis

There is no secret at all… we are here to share some easy satoshis with all….

No captcha, no timer, spin at computer, at your phone, earn spin balances and get them exchanged into satoshis every hour!!!!!!!!

Almost forgot you get your payments instant once you have 1 satoshi at balance….

are you playing faucet?

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